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8th Grade Science


8th grade materials will be found on this page.


This includes:

​Notes - printable notes, or just open them and look at them online

PowerPoints - many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out. A few have sound. There are headphones in the classroom.

Assignments - Most assignments can be printed from here.

Links - to online activities or information

Computer quizzes - online assessments 




Computer - Volume Basics (Unlimited attempts until Nov. 11th)

Classwork - Volume Classwork #2

Homework - Volume Classwork #1

Notes - Volume Notes

Computer - Measuring Systems (Unlimited attempts until Nov 8th)

Computer - Using a Ruler (Metric) (Unlimted attempts until Npv. 6th)

Computer -  Using A Ruler (English) (Unlimited attempts until Nov. 6th)

Classwork - Ruler Use: English Metric

Notes - How to Use a Ruler

Classwork - Ruler Use 1 (Used as a diagnostic tool)

Classwork - Measuring Matching (We went over this in class.)

Notes - Measuring Systems Graphic Organizer (We filled this out in class.)

Notes - Measuring Systems Notes

Computer - Measuring Tools (Unlimited attempts until 11/3.)

Notes - Measuring Matrix(We filled this out in class together.Measuring Matrix (filled in version)

Activity - Patterns Practice (Not for a grade. Just for practice.)

Classwork - Patterns Classwork 1



Activity - Systems Rags to Riches (A good way to study!)

Computer - Systems (Food Web) - (Unlimited attempts until 10/20.)

Homework - Systems Inderdependence Homework 1

Classwork - Systems Inderdependence Classwork 1

Homework - Systems Homework 1

Classwork - Systems Classwork 3

Classwork - Systems Classwork 2

Computer - Basics of Systems - (Unlimited attempts until 10/8.)

Homework - Systems Classwork 1(This was assigned as a participation homework.)

Notes - Systems Notes



Computer - Evaluating Experiments Review

Homework - Experimental Procedure Review

Computer - Bikini Bottom Experiments Quiz

Classwork - Bikini Bottom Experiments

Notes - Experiments Notes

Notes - Nature of Science Vocabulary



Review Game - Scientific Method Challenge Board

Review Game - Scientific Method Rags to Riches

Computer - Identify the Steps (Scientific Method)

Computer - Introdution to the Scientific Method

Assignment - Theory vs. Opinion Homework 1

Classwork - Scientific Method Steps Review

NotesTheory vs. Opinion Notes

Assignment - Scientific Method Homework #1

Notes - Scientific Method Flowchart

PowerPoint presentation - The Scientific Method



8/25/15 - Parent Signature Homework - here