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8th Grade Science


8th grade materials will be found on this page.


This includes:

​Notes - printable notes, or just open them and look at them online

PowerPoints - many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out. A few have sound. There are headphones in the classroom.

Assignments - Most assignments can be printed from here.

Links - to online activities or information

Computer quizzes - online assessments 




Activity - Motion & Newton's Laws Challenge Board

Activity - Forces & Newton's Laws Games

Homework - Newton's 2nd Law Homework 1

Classwork - Newton's 2nd Law Practice 1

Notes - Newton's 2nd Law Notes

Homework - Newton's 1st Law Homework 1

Notes - Newton's 1st Law Notes

Computer - Forces (the Basics)

Homework - Force Homework 1

Classwork - Forces Classwork 1

PowerPoint - Forces (requires PowerPoint)



Computer - Measuring Motion (A, S, & V)

Homework - Acceleration Homework 1

Homework - Motion Homework #3 

Homework - Motion Homework 2

Homework - Motion Homework

Classwork - Measuring Motion Classwork 1

Computer - Motion Basics 

PowerPoint - Motion PowerPoint 1 (requires PowerPoint)

PowerPoint - Introduction to Physics



Lab - Temperature Lab

Computer - Density

Homework - Density Homework

Classwork - Density Unit Review Packet
Video - Density Graph How To

Lab - Density Lab

Classwork - Density Graduated Cylinder Activity

Classwork - Density Introduction

Notes - Density Notes

PowerPoint - Density PowerPoint (watch in school - requires PowerPoint)

Computer - Mass & Weight Basics (Unlimited attempts until Nov. 17th)

Lab - Mass Lab (Data sheet graded.)

Classwork - Reading a Triple Beam Balance

Notes - How to Read a Triple Beam Balance

Notes - How to Use a Triple Beam Balance

Classwork - Mass & Weight Thinking Problems

Notes - Density, Mass, & Weight Notes