7th Grade Science


7th grade materials will be found on this page.


This includes:

Assignments - Print out paper assignments or instructions, and find link to a computer assignments here.

​Links - Links to online activities or information are here.

Notes - Print them or just open them and look at them online.

PowerPoints - Most PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint on your computer. If you don't have PowerPoint at home, then you will have to watch them at school. Many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out.


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Computer Quiz - Ecology

Classwork - Ecology Classwork

Notes - Ecosystem Diagram

Notes - Ecology Vocabulary


TEST - Classification - DO NOT use the "Back button" to navigate during the test. You will be kicked out of the test and lose an attempt.

You have 2 attempts at this test.

The teacher will know the secret word for the test.


Tomorrow will be the TEST on Classification. It will be on Quia. Like a computer quiz. You will only get 2 attempts. Study tonight.

Play these review games to help you study today.

Activity - Classification - Have a tournament with a couple of friends.

Activity - Classification Review Games


There will be a Quia TEST on Classification on Tuesday 5/9. You will only have two attempts. Start studying now.

Go over Classification Classwork 2 with teacher. Correct your mistakes

Activity - Classification Review Games - Do this in class.


Classwork - Classification Classwork 2 - Do this in class.


Go over Classification Work with teacher. Correct your mistakes.

Homework - Classification Classwork 1 - Do this as homework for tomorrow.


Finish Classification Work from yesterday. It should be done by the end of the period.

Get an 80% or better on Computer Quiz - Classification

Activity - Classification - If you are done with everything else.


Complete and hand in the Classification Review Sheet from Friday (4/28) if you didn't already.


Classwork - Classification Work - Do this in class. You will continue to work on it tomorrow.

To do the dichotomous key at the end, follow these instructions.

1. Read the first two choices. (1a & 1b) Decide which is true.

2. Go to the number of the true choice. Skip any numbers in between.

3. Read the choices at the new number. Decide which is true.

      - If it is a name, you are done. Write down the name. You're done.

      - If it is not a name, go to the number of the true choice. Skip any numbers in between. Repeat all of this Step 3.

If you have time, start working on this:

Computer Quiz - Classification - the due date for this is May 16th


Classwork - Classification Review Sheet - Do this using what you learned from the sources below. This will be collected Monday.

Notes - Classification Notes - Read these notes.

Notes - History of Taxonomy PowerPoint - Watch this PowerPoint.

Notes - Classification PowerPoint - Watch this PowerPoint.


Genetics Project Survey - Fill this out and hand it in to Mr. Krall's tray or ask the teacher put it in his mailbox. After that, continue to work on your Genetics Project.

Genetics Vocabulary Xword - Complete this for a bonus to your Genetics Project Grade. Hand in to Mr. Krall's tray or ask the teacher put it in his mailbox.


Family Portrait - can be done together or separately

Questions Packet - each partner does their own

Day Two: They Grow Up So Fast - done together with a 2nd group

Day One: The Honeymoon's Over - done together

Traits Explanation - reference sheet

Test Subjects - reference sheet


Computer Quiz - Genetics Squares & Vocabulary

Classwork - Genetics Punnett Squares & Vocabulary

Computer Quiz - Genetics Vocabulary

Classwork - Genetics Ultimate Review

Homework - Genetics Homework 1

Classwork - Genetics Classwork

Homework - Genetics Homework

Notes - Genetics Notes


Activity - DNA & Genetics Rags to Riches

Computer Quiz - DNA

Homework - DNA Homework

Homework - DNA Multiple Choice

Notes - Nonsense Code

Notes - DNA


Quizzizz - Cell Reproduction - Join! - code # - 928125

Activity - Cell Reproduction Rags to Riches​

Activity - Cell Reproduction Arcade

Computer Quiz - Cell Reproduction: Thinking Problems

Computer Quiz - Cell Reproduction: Intro

Classwork - Cell Reproduction True & False Questions 2

Classwork - Cell Reproduction Practice

Homework - Cell Reproduction Quickwork

​Homework - Cell Reproduction: True & False Homework

Classwork- Cell Reproduction: Classwork

Notes - Mitosis & Meiosis Notes (filled in)


Computer Quiz - Cell Processes

Activity - Cell Processes Quizzizz (game code 390315) (timed version 019728)

Activity - Cell Processes Review Games

Activity - Cell Processes Rags to Riches

Classwork - Cell Processes Review

Classwork - Cell Processes: The Basics

Classwork - Cell Processes Matching

Computer Quiz - Fermentation

Classwork - Fermentation Homework

Notes - Fermentation Picture Notes

Computer Quiz - Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

Classwork - Photosynthesis vs. Respiration 2

Classwork - Photosynthesis vs. Respiration 1

Computer Quiz - Respiration

Classwork - Respiration Homework

Notes - Respiration PowerPoint - (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Respiration Picture Notes

Computer Quiz - Photosynthesis

Homework - Food Web

Classwork - Producers Homework

Homework - Producers & Consumers

Classwork - Producers PowerPoint Paper

Notes - Photosynthesis Picture Notes

Notes - Producers PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)


Activity - Cell Transport Hangman

Computer Quiz - Cell Transport

Homework - Cell Transport Practice

Classwork - Cellular Transport Review

Classwork - Cell Transport Homework 1

Classwork - Cell Transport Introduction

Notes - Cell Transport Notes

Notes - Cell Transport PPT - (requires PowerPoint)


Computer Quiz - Body Systems

Quizlet - Body Systems


Homework - Cell Organization Homework 1

Computer Quiz - Cells

Activity - Cell Study Games

Activity - Cells Challenge Board

Activity - Cells Rags to Riches

Activity - Cell Structures & Organization Quizlet

Homework - Cell Jobs Matching Homework

Notes - Cell Notes


Classwork - Patterns Classwork 1

Activity - Systems Rags to Riches

Computer Quiz - Patterns

Computer Quiz - Systems

Classwork - Systems Classwork 3

Classwork - Systems Classwork 2

Classwork - Systems Classwork 1

Notes - Systems Notes

Classwork - Theory vs. Opinion Homework

Notes - Therory vs. Opinion Notes


Participation - Parent Signature Paper