7th Grade Science


7th grade materials will be found on this page.


This includes:

Assignments - Print out paper assignments or instructions, and find link to a computer assignments here.

​Links - Links to online activities or information are here.

Notes - Print them or just open them and look at them online.

PowerPoints - Most PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint on your computer. If you don't have PowerPoint at home, then you will have to watch them at school. Many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out.


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Computer Quiz: Viruses

Activity: Viruses Arcade

Activity: Viruses Quizlet


Computer Quiz: Abiotic Cycles

Activity: Carbon Cycle Game

Computer Quiz: Ecology Vocabulary




Computer Quiz: Classification

Activity: Classification Challenge Board (challenge a friend)

Quizlet: Classification(great for studying)

​Classwork: Classification Review

Classwork: Classification Classwork 2

Classwork: Classification Work

Classwork: Classification Classwork

Notes: Classification Notes

​Notes: Classification PowerPoint

Notes: History of Classification PowerPoint


Computer Quiz: Punnett Squares & Vocabulary

Homework: Genetics Homework 1

Classwork: Genetics Classwork

Classwork: Genetics Ultimate Review

Classwork: Genetics Vocab & Punnett Squares

Computer Quiz: Genetics Vocabulary

Homework: Genetics Homework

Notes: Genetics Vocabulary


Computer Quiz: DNA

Homework: DNA Multiple Choice

Homework: DNA Homework

Classwork: DNA Basics

Classwork: DNA-lien

Video: What is DNA & How Does it Work? (YouTube video)

Notes: DNA Nonsense Code Notes

Notes: DNA Notes

Cell Reproduction

Computer Quiz: Cell Reproduction Thinking Problems

​Computer Quiz: Cell Reproduction Intro


Activity: Cell Reproduction Arcade (Might help you study.)

Activity: Cell Reproduction Challenge Board (Might help you study.)

Classwork: Cell Reproduction True & False 2

Classwork: Cell Reproduction Practice

Classwork: Cell Reproduction: True & False

Classwork: Cell Reproduction Thinking Problems

Homework: Cell Reproduction Quickwork 1

Classwork: Cell Reproduction Classwork

Notes: Cell Reproduction Notes (filled in)

Cell Processes

​Computer Quiz: Cell Processes

Activity: Quizizz: Cell Processes - (code - 836332)

Homework: Cell Processes Review

Homework: Cell Processes Matching

Notes: Cell Processes Picture Notes (These are the best notes for Cell Processes!)

Classwork: Fermentation Homework 1

Notes: Fermentation Picture Notes

Notes: Fermentation PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Classwork: Photosynthesis vs. Respiration 2

Classwork: Photosynthesis vs. Respiration 1

Homework: Respiration Homework 1

Notes: Respiration Picture Notes

Notes: Respiration PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Homework: Photosynthesis Homework 1

Notes: Photosynthesis Picture Notes

Homework: Producers Homework 1

Classwork: Producer PowerPoint Paper

Notes: Producers PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Cell Transport

Computer Quiz: Cell Transport

Homework: Cell Transport Introduction

Homework: Cell Transport Mini-Quiz

Classwork: Cellular Transport Classwork

Classwork: Cellular Transport Practice

Notes: Cell Transport PowerPoint

Notes: Cell Transport

Body Systems


Computer Quiz: Body Systems

Activity: Body Systems Battleship

Activity: Body Systems Quizlet

Classwork: Body Systems Classwork 2

Classwork: Body Systems Classwork 1

Notes: Body Systems Note-taker (filled)

Cell Structures & Organization

Activity: Cells Challenge Board

Computer Quiz: Cells

Activity: Cells Quizlet

Homework: Cell Organization Homework 1

Classwork: Cell Organization Classwork

Homework: Cell Jobs Matching Homework 1

Classwork: Cells Classwork 1

Notes: Cell Parts Picture Notes

Notes: Cell Notes

Nature of Science Unit


Quizzizz: https://join.quizizz.com - game code 853211

Computer Quiz: Scientific Method & Experiments (due 11/9/18)

Lab: Penny Lab

Notes: Experiments Notes

Scientific Method

Homework: Scientific Method Homework 2

Computer Quiz: Scientific Method

Notes: Scientific Method Flowchart

Notes: Scientific Method PowerPoint


Homework: Systems Homework 1

​Computer Quiz: Systems

Classwork: Systems Classwork 1

Notes: Types of Systems

Notes: Systems Notes

Mass & Weight

Computer Quiz: Mass, Weight, & Balances

Lab: Mass Lab (Done in class 10/2)

Homework: Mass & Weight Homework 1

Homework: Reading a Triple Beam Balance Homework 1

Classwork: Mass & Weight Classwork 1

Notes: How to Read a Triple Beam Balance

Notes: How to Use a Triple Beam Balance

Notes: Mass & Weight Notes

Notes: Mass & Weight PowerPoint


Homework: Volume Homework 4

Classwork: Reading a Graduated Cylinder 2

Classwork: Volume Classwork 1

Notes: Volume Notes

Notes: Volume PowerPoint

Measuring Systems & Rulers

Computer Quiz: Measuring Basics (due 10/19)[Username = (first initial)(last name)621] [Password = lunch number]

Classwork: Ruler & Measuring Packet (This was a two part assignment - The two parts are Ruler Use 1 & Measuring Systems Classwork 1)

Homework: Measuring Systems Homework 1 (due 9/12)

Notes: Study Guide - Rulers

Notes: Measurements Matrix

Notes: Measuring Systems Notes

Notes: Measuring Systems Graphic Organizer

Nature of Science Vocabulary

Computer Quiz: Nature or Science Vocab Computer Quiz (due 9/14) [Username = (first initial)(last name)621] [Password = lunch number]

Game: Nature of Science Quizlet

Homework: Nature of Science Matrix (due 8/30)

Notes: Nature of Science Vocabulary 1 (typed copy of the PowerPoint)

Notes: Nature of Science PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Beginning of Year

Homework: Guide to Mr. Krall's Class (due by 9/7)