8th Grade Science

8th grade materials will be found on this page.

This includes:

Assignments - Print out paper assignments or instructions, and find link to a computer assignments here.

​Links - Links to online activities or information are here.

Notes - Print them or just open them and look at them online.

PowerPoints - Most PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint on your computer. If you don't have PowerPoint at home, then you will have to watch them at school. Many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out.


water cycle
water cycle

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water cycle
water cycle

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Do Simple Machines Homework 1 & Simple Machines Homework 2 in class. Hand them in when you are done.


Read over the Simple Machines Notes.

Work on Simple Machines Classwork 99 in small groups. Then check with other small groups to see if you are getting the same answers. When done, if there are questions that you have, e-mail me so I can try and clear them up. Simple Machines is mathy and some people need a little extra explanation. rkrall@sayresd.org


Use answer keys to check your work on Simple Machines Classwork 2, Simple Machines Classwork 3, and Simple Machines Basics Practice.

Correct any mistakes you may have.


Classwork - Simple Machines Classwork 3 - Do this in class.

Classwork - Simple Machines Basics Practice - Do this in class.


Go over The Simple Machines SG & Rein with teacher.

Homework - Simple Machines Classwork 2 - Do this for homework.

Notes - Simple Machines & Mechanical Advantage PowerPoint - Watch this PowerPoint. It may help.


Hand in Work & Machines Homework 1 from yesterday.

Classwork - The Simple Machines SG/REIN

Notes - The Simple Machines


Homework - Work & Machines Homework 1

Classwork - Work & Machines Classwork 1 - Check your answers here.

Notes - Work & Machines Notes - Read these over. The big idea is that the total work you put in a machine is the same amount that comes out of the machine. Since Work = Force * Distance, the machine can still do the same work as you, but with different F*D numbers.

Ex. You put in 5 force and 10 distance for 50 Joules of work, and the machine gives out 50 Joules of work, but in the form of 25 force and only 2 distance. 5*10 is the same total as 25*2.

4/28/17 - If you are all done, try this for fun to get a head start on Simple Machines

Quizzizz - Simple Machines Intro - (code 913365)

4/27/17 & 4/28/17 - Everything is due by Friday. (Relax)

Complete the following if they are not already finished. If you have questions, please email me at rkrall@sayresd.org

0. Read Work Notes  - keep in your notebook

1. Read 5-1 Energy & Work Packet - keep in your notebook

2. Do Energy & Work Study Guide - hand in when done

3. Do Energy & Work Reinforcement - - hand in when done

4. Do Work Work worksheet, and check answers with answer key which is on my bulletin board

5. Do Work Practice Problems Worksheet #1 worksheet, and check answers with answer key which is on bulletin board.

6. Read 7-1 Why We Use Machines Packet - keep in your notebook

7. Do Why We Use Machines Study Guide worksheet - hand in when done

8. Do Why We Use Machines Reinforcement worksheet - hand in when done

9. Computer Quiz - Work & Machines Intro


Quizzizz - Newton's Laws & Vocabulary - (join!) - (code - 338458)

Computer Quiz - Newton's Laws

Classwork - Newton's Laws Review Sheet 2

Classwork - Newton's Laws Review Sheet

Homework - Newton's Third Law True & False

Classwork - Action & Reaction - Study Guide - Reinforcement

Notes - Action & Reaction Packet

Notes - Newton's 3rd Law Notes

Classwork - Projectile & Circular Motion - Study Guide - Reinforcement

Notes - Projectile & Circular Motion Packet

Classwork - Accelerated Motion - Study Guide - Reinforcement

Notes - Accelerated Motion Packet

Homework - Newton's 2nd Law

Notes - Newtons' 2nd Law

Homework - Newton's 1st Law Homework 1

Notes - Newton's 1st Law

Computer Quiz - Motion

Homework - Motion Homework 2

Homework - Motion Homework 1

Notes - Types of Motion Notes

Notes - Motion Notes

Notes - Intro to Physics PowerPoint


Computer Quiz - Chemical Reactions

Homework - Chemical Reactions (Indicators) Homework

Classwork - Chemical Reactions (Indicators) Classwork

Homework - Chemical Equations Homework

Classwork - Chemical Reactions & Equations Practice

Notes - Chemical Reactions (Types)

Notes - Chemical Reactions

Notes - Chemical Equations

Activity  - Chemical Formulas Ordered List (there is only one list)

Activity - Chemical Formulas Rags to Riches (Choose to play the HTML version!)

Activity - Chemical Bonds Rags to Riches

Computer Quiz - Chemical Formulas

Computer Quiz - Chemical Bonds

Notes - Chemical Bonds Matrix

Notes - Types of Chemical Bonds Notes

Notes - Chemical Bonds PowerPoint

Computer Quiz - Why Atoms Combine

Notes - Dot Diagram Notes

Notes - Why Atoms Combine Notes

Computer Quiz - Phases & Phase Changes

Computer Quiz - Classifying Matter Vocabulary

Activity - Chemistry Basics Quizlet

Homework - Classifying Matter Homework

Classwork - Classifying Matter Classwork

Notes - Classification of Matter Notes

Homework - Phase Changes Homework 1

Classwork - Phases & Phase Changes Classwork

Homework - States of Matter Homework

Classwork - States of Matter Classwork

Notes - Phases & Phase Changes Notes

Notes - States of Matter PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - States of Matter Matrix
Computer Quiz - Atomic Facts

Homework - Atomic Structure Homework (basics)

Classwork - Atomic Structure Classwork

Computer Quiz - Atomic Structure

Notes - Atomic Facts PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Atomic Facts Notes

Notes - Atomic Structure PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Atomic Structure Notes


Activity - Water Rages to Riches (needs more questions - this is old)

Computer Quiz - Water on Earth

Classwork: Introducing Water

PowerPoint - Groundwater (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Water Cycle Notes


Computer Quiz - Soil

Classwork - Soil Homework 1

Notes - Soil Notes


Activity - Erosion Rags to Riches

Computer Quiz - Erosion

Notes - Erosion PowerPoint

Computer Quiz - Weathering

Homework - Weathering Homework 2

Homework - Weathering Homework 1

Notes - Weathering PowerPoint (green slides are about weathering) (requires PowerPoint)


Homework - Sedimentary Rock Homework 1

Computer - Rock Cycle & Types

Homework - Ingeous Rock Homework 1

Homework - Types of Rock Homework

Homework - Rock Cycle Homework 1

Notes - Rock Cycle Mini-Notes 

Notes - Metamorphic Rocks PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Sedimentary Rocks PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes - Ingenous Rocks PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)


Project - Earth Layers Poster & Model Rubric

Project - Earth Layers Poster & Model Instructions

Homework - Earth Layers Review

Notes - Earth Layers Notes


Classwork - Minerals Homework

Notes - Minerals Notes

Computer - Minerals Pretest


Participation - Parent Signature Paper