8th Grade Science

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Activity: Electricity Gimkit       2nd Period   ---    8th Period

Computer Quiz: Electricity Basics

Work & Simple Machines

Computer Quiz: Work & Machines

Classwork: Work & Simple Machines Practice

Homework: Simple Machines Homework 2

Homework: Simple Machines Homework

Classwork: Simple Machines Classwork 3

Classwork: Simple Machines Classwork 2

Notes: Simple Machines PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: Mechanical Advantage

Homework: Work & Machines Homework

Classwork: Work & Machines Classwork

Notes: Work & Machines

Homework: Work Homework

Classwork: Work Work

Classwork: Work Classwork

Notes: Work Notes

Newton's Laws of Motion

Computer Quiz: Introduction to Physics

Quizizz: Newton's Laws (code - 621656)

Computer Quiz: Newton's Laws

Homework: Newton's 3rd Law T&F

​​Notes: Newton's 3rd Law

Homework: Newton's 2nd Law

Classwork: Newton's 2nd Law Practice

Notes: Newton's 2nd Law

Homework: Newton's 1st Law Homework

Classwork: Newton's 1st Law Practice

Notes: Newton's 1st Law


​Classwork: Forces Classwork 2

Classwork: Forces Classwork 1

Notes: Forces Notes

Notes: Forces PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

​​Motion (Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration)

Quiz: Motion

Homework: Acceleration Homework 1

Classwork: Acceleration Classwork 3

​Classwork: Acceleration Classwork 2

Notes: Acceleration PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Classwork: Motion & Speed Classwork 2

Classwork: Motion & Speed Classwork 1

Classwork: Motion PowerPoint 2 Questions

Notes: Motion PowerPoint 2 (requires PowerPoint)

Homework: Motion Homework 1

Classwork: Measuring Motion Classwork 1

Notes: Types of Motion

Notes: Measuring Motion Notes

Classwork: Frame of Reference Homework

Notes: Motion PowerPoint 1 (requires PowerPoint)


Computer Quiz: Energy

Classwork: Intro to Energy Notetaker

Video: World's Most Asked Questions: What is Energy?

Notes: Energy PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)


Acids & Bases

Activity: Acids & Bases Challenge Board

Homework: Acids & Bases Homework 2

Homework: Acids & Bases Homework 1

Classwork: Acids & Bases Classwork

Activity: Acids & Bases Matching

Notes: Acids & Bases Notes (Part 1) (Part 2)

Types of Chemical Reactions - in progress


Balancing Chemical Equations - in progress


Chemical Equations & Reactions

Computer Quiz: Chemical Reactions

Element PowerPoint

Example PowerPoint - Praseodymium - (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: How Not to PowerPoint - avoid these common errors in your PowerPoint

Project: Element PowerPoint

Chemical Formulas

Computer Quiz: Chemical Formulas

Classwork: Chemical Formulas Practice 3

Classwork: Chemical Formulas Practice 2

Classwork: Chemical Formulas Practice 1

Notes: Chemical Formulas

​​Chemical Bonds

Computer Quiz - Chemical Bonds

​Classwork: Chemical Bonds Review

Homework: Types of Chemical Bonds Homework

Classwork: Types of Chemical Bonds Practice

Notes: Chemical Bonds Chart

Notes: Chemical Bonds PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: Chemical Bonds Notes

Why Atoms Combine


Computer Quiz: Why Atoms Combine

Homework: Why Atoms Combine Homework 2

Homework: Why Atoms Combine Homework 1

Classwork: Why Atoms Combine Classwork 2

Classwork: Why Atoms Combine Classwork 1

Notes: Why Atoms Combine Notes v2

Notes: How to Make a Dot Diagram (Quick Version)

Notes: Why Atoms Combine Notes

Classification of Matter

Homework: Classifying Matter Homework 1

Notes: Classification of Matter Notes

Phases & Phase Changes of Matter

Project: Phases & Phase Changes Project

Homework: Phase Changes Homework 1

Classwork: Phases & Phase Changes Classwork

Homework: States of Matter Homework

Classwork: States of Matter Classwork

Notes: Phases & Phase Changes Notes

Notes: States of Matter PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: States of Matter Matrix

Atomic Facts & Structure

Computer Quiz: Atomic Structure

Computer Quiz: Atomic Facts

Homework: Atomic Structure Homework

Classwork: Atomic Facts Practice 2

Classwork: Atomic Facts Practice 1

Notes: Atomic Structure PowerPoint

Notes: Atomic Structure

Notes: Atomic Facts PowerPoint

Notes: Atomic Facts

Nature of Science Unit



​Computer Quiz: Systems

Classwork: Systems Classwork 1

Notes: Types of Systems

Notes: Systems Notes

Experimental Procedure

Classwork: Evaluating Experiments 1

Notes: Scientific Method Flowchart

Notes: Experiments Notes


Classwork: Models Classwork

Notes: Using Models



Computer Quiz: Patterns

Classwork: Patterns Classwork

Notes: Patterns Packet


Lab: Density Lab

Lab: Density Slope Lab

Classwork: Density Graduated Cylinder Activity

Homework: Density Mysteries

Activity: Density Online Activity (An online activity to experiment with.)

Quiz: Density (due 10/5)

Notes: Density PowerPoint

Mass & Weight

Homework: Mass & Weight Quick Review

Homework: Mass & Weight Homework 1

Classwork: Reading a Triple Beam Balance

Notes: How to Read a Triple Beam Balance

Notes: How to Use a Triple Beam Balance

Notes: Density, Mass, Matter, & Weight Notes

Notes: Mass & Weight PowerPoint


Lab: Rainbow Lab

​Notes: Volume PowerPoint

Notes: Volume of Irregular Solids

Notes: Volume Notes

Measuring Systems

Quiz: Measuring Basics (due 9/19) [Username = (first initial)(last name)621] [Password = lunch number]

Homework: Measuring Systems Homework 1 (due 9/12)

Notes: Study Guide - Rulers

Notes: Measurements Matrix

Notes: Measuring Systems Notes

Notes: Measuring Systems Graphic Organizer

Nature of Science Vocabulary

Quiz: Nature or Science Vocab Computer Quiz (due 9/14) [Username = (first initial)(last name)621] [Password = lunch number]

Game: Nature of Science Quizlet

Homework: Nature of Science Matrix (due 8/30)

Notes: Nature of Science Vocabulary 1 (typed copy of the PowerPoint)

Notes: Nature of Science PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Beginning of Year

Homework: Guide to Mr. Krall's Class (due by 9/7)