7th Grade Science


7th grade materials will be found on this page.


This includes:

Assignments - Print out paper assignments or instructions, and find link to a computer assignments here.

​Links - Links to online activities or information are here.

Notes - Print them or just open them and look at them online.

PowerPoints - Most PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint on your computer. If you don't have PowerPoint at home, then you will have to watch them at school. Many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out.

Nature of Science

Activity: Systems, Patterns, & Models Gimkit - click!

Activity: Systems, Patterns, & Models Quizizz - click! - 826204 is the code!

Quiz: Systems

Activity: Systems, Patterns, & Models Arcade

Activity: Systems, Patterns, & Models Quizlet

Activity: Systems Rags to Riches

Classwork: Models

Notes: Models

Classwork: Patterns

Notes: Patterns

Classwork: Systems Classwork 4

Writing: Systems Classwork 3

Homework: Systems Homework 1

Notes: Types of Systems

Notes: Systems

GimKit: 3rd period - 4th period - 6th period - 7th period - 8th period - Mrs. Arena

Homework: Nature of Science Vocabulary Homework 2

Quiz: Nature of Science Vocabulary (Last day to work on this is September 12.)

Activity: Nature of Science Vocabulary Quizlet

Homework: Nature of Science Vocabulary Homework 1

Classwork: Nature of Science Vocabulary Matrix

Notes: Nature of Science Vocabulary Notes

Classwork: Hypothesis vs. Opinion Homework 1 (I know it says homework, but we did it in class.)

Notes: Hypothesis vs. Opinion Notes

Video(YouTube): Click!

Beginning of Year

Homework: Guide to Mr. Krall's Class (due by 9/6/19)

Information: Guide to Assignments

(* prizes only available on the 1st of Octember)

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