8th Grade Science

8th grade materials will be found on this page.

This includes:

Assignments - Print out paper assignments or instructions, and find link to a computer assignments here.

​Links - Links to online activities or information are here.

Notes - Print them or just open them and look at them online.

PowerPoints - Most PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint on your computer. If you don't have PowerPoint at home, then you will have to watch them at school. Many of my PowerPoints have animations, so they are meant to be watched, not printed out.



Some pages were left blank intentionally for ease of printing/understanding.


Quiz: Motion

Homework: Motion Homework 3

Homework: Motion Homework 2

Homework: Motion Homework 1

Classwork: Measuring Motion Classwork 1

Notes: Types of Motion Notes​​


Homework: Frame of Reference Homework

Classwork: Motion Classwork 1

Notes: Motion PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: Motion Notes


TEST: Energy - You have 2 attempts. No Notes are allowed.

Quiz: Energy

Video: What is Energy? (requires YouTube)


Classwork: Energy Classwork 1

Homework: Energy Transfer & Conversion Homework 1

Notes: Energy Notetaker Sheet

Notes: Energy PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Acids & Bases


Quiz: Acids & Bases

Classwork: Acids & Bases Classwork

Classwork: Acids & Bases Classwork

Classwork: Acids & Bases Classwork

Classwork: Acids & Bases Classwork

Notes: Acids & Bases Packet 1 & 2

Notes: Acids & Bases Notes

Chemical Bonds

Quiz: Chemical Bonds

​Classwork: Chemical Bonds Review

Homework: Types of Bonds Homework

Classwork: Types of Bonds Practice

Notes:Chemical Bonds PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Notes: Chemical Bonds Chart

Notes: Chemical Bonds

Why Atoms Combine

Quiz: Why Atoms Combine

Homework: Why Atoms Combine Homework 2

Homework: Why Atoms Combine Homework 1

Classwork: Why Atoms Combine Classwork 2

Classwork: Why Atoms Combine Classwork 1

Notes: Dot Diagram Notes

Notes: Why Atoms Combine Notes

Atomic Facts & Structure

Quiz: Atomic Facts

Classwork: Atomic Facts Classwork

Classwork: Atomic Facts Practice 3

Classwork: Atomic Facts Practice 2

Classwork: Atomic Facts Practice 1

Notes: Periodic Table of the Elements (Click: "Print" - "Preferences" - change Orientation to "Landscape" - "OK" - "Print")

Notes: Atomic Facts Notes

Notes: Atomic Facts PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Quiz: Atomic Structure

Homework: Atomic Structure Homework

Classwork: Atomic Structure Classwork
Notes: Atomic Structure Notes

Notes: Atomic Structure PowerPoint (requires PowerPoint)

Beginning of Year

Homework: Guide to Mr. Krall's Class (due by 9/6/19)

Information: Guide to Assignments

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