How Grading works.

Below are the categories used for grading in Science, with a brief explanation of how they work.



Participation grades are graded based on two criteria:

1. Did the student hand it in on time?

2. An honest attempt was made at all parts of the assignment.


Participation done on time - 2 pts

Participation done late - 1 pt

Participation not done - 0 pts

Quiz (Computer)

Quiz grades are assignments that are on the computer. Students have unlimited attempts at them until the due date. The best grade the student earns goes in the grade book.

Quizzes are at Students can log in with their username: ((1st initial)(last name)(418) and password: lunch # 


Homework grades are assignments that are for students to complete outside of class, and are graded for content. 


(Some homework is actually a participation grade (see left.)


Homeowork can be redone for up to a 65%. (50% for 8th grade)


Projects are assignments that students are given class time to complete. 


Some projects can be redone. Others cannot. 


If a project can be redone, it can be redone only once for up to a 80%.

Tests are written exams which are done in class. They are graded for content.


They can be redone only once for up to an 80%.